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Written by Nik Paradis
Jan 2021,


We're waiting on some final items to ship before testing our electrical design along with our heated blade core. Our blade design has a heating element inside of it (behind thermal shielding) in order to heat it to the required temperature. Coming up with our own element would have been unrealistic and frankly, a waste of time. The element was ordered in late December from Wattco and we're expecing to receive it within the next two weeks.

Coming in at $500, it's one of our most expensive parts. Fortunately, like everything in manufacturing, if we were to make more units, the cost per part would go down substantially. They offered us three for $250 each, but realistically, if one doesn't work, the others wouldn't be of much use.

All the electrical components are expected to arrive in the coming week or two as well.

Testing Stages

The goal is to test the circuitry and the heating element with the blade first. If either of those have faults, we need to iron them out before proceesing with the base or any other aspect of the design. Initially, we want to ensure:

  1. Our circuitry works as expected (power consuption is ~500 Watts)
  2. The blade reaches ~132 degrees Celcius
  3. Nothing catches on fire

Once these are satisfied, we can go on with ordering, testing and assembling the rest of the assembly. The drawings for all mechanical parts is complete and we're getting ready to send those into the shop shortly. The lead time on those parts shouldn't be an issue since we have lots of testing to do.

Wrapping Up

That's it for now. Our hands are tied just waiting on shipments. We're trying to build in enough buffer time in our testing schedule to order another heating element if need be. Those have a hefty 5 week lead time though, so we're pretty tight on time.

Fingers crossed nothing goes horribly wrong.